Can't see other zwifters

For everyone following this thread or anyone that finds it in the future, the problem seem to be with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). There is nothing wrong with any of your Zwift setup or anything on Zwift ends, at least in this case. The issue will resolve in a few days.

I raised a ticket and they said it’s because I had not logged out of zwift on all my devices. IE I was still logged in on my Ipad when I was trying to use my Apple TV. Make sure all Zwift apps are closed out on all your devices except the one you’re currently using. Worth a try if you’re still experiencing this issue.

Ok. I’ve had this issue over the last 2 rides. Eero system in the house says the internet is blazing fast. I always use ATV with my companion app. UTD on all systems. Anyone have any other ideas?

I had same issue its an ATV thing. The fix double click the home button and swipe up to close out the app then reopen and it should work. I now do this each time I end a ride and haven’t had the issue since. Good Luck!

I had this issue (no other riders visible) and traced it to a VPN app I was using to communicate with the office. The VPN blocked some of the comms with Zwift leaving me as the role rider in the Zwift kingdom. The VPN app was on a separate machine sitting on my network but it affected the whole network. Very annoying.

Many things about Zwift assume you’re using a dedicated system for it, with no restrictions or additional software present that may affect anything. Personally I believe this is a good idea overall (right tools for the job etc) but you’re right; it can make things pretty unintuitive.

On the flipside, they don’t appear to do their QA testing on said clean systems so they often can’t see/replicate issues even when given precise instructions on how to do so. Zwift gotta Zwift.