No one else showing on course

I ride Surrey hills today. Not a single other ride showed on the course. I know lots of others were riding why did none show up? Rode at 6pm uk time. It was the first day of new route


I think you may need to perform an update, in the “What’s new on Zwift 1/8” post it states It is important to note that users on older versions of Zwift’s London course will not see other riders (so be sure to update).

Thanks, I deleted and redownloaded the app. I can now see the others riders, but my best power stats aren’t showing. Not sure if they have been deleted or will come back?

Had exactly the same problem last night. (just posted about it). How do you update zwift on apple tv without deleting and reinstalling the app as i dont want to loose my power records/stats.

I have this problem occasionally on an iPad.  I force quite the app a few times and eventually other rides show up.

@Richard - generally, nobody showing up is a network issue because your local copy of Zwift loses its communication with our server (who sends the data for all the other riders). It could be a temporary hiccup or more endemic issue (possibly server problems) but those have been pretty rare lately (crossing fingers).

@Mark - updating your AppleTV should be automatic via the AppStore. Your stats are all saved on our server because you can log on to Zwift on ANY device and your data will be there.

Interesting.   I have tested my iPad’s internet connection by loading web pages between Attempting to get Zwifters to show up in Zwift. So I can confirm it’s not my internet connection.  This is what’s happening to my iPad right now:

I get to the iPad the rider/login screen, to the pair device screen, to the start/choose route screen(with a list of zwifters), to the ride screen successfully.  But no riders show up.  I even get a count of riders nearby(currently displaying +809) but nobody else shows up on my screen.

I have just gone though the above twice.  Discarding rides and quitting between tries.

Force quit the App, go through the process again, and I get to the ride screen with riders showing up and a +2757 more riders count.




Exactly same problem here as Zak P is describing on iOS running on a new iPAD pro. Frustrating.


have you updated zwift? I had this problem until I updated the app

Yes, the program is up-to-date. The problem is sporadic and random, but occurs more often than not. Usually it resolves by logging out and closing the program several times until it works. When everything works it will continue working normally for that session (no drop-outs or dissapearing riders), so this is an initiation problem.

Same problem here. It happens quite regularly to me. Everything is upto date and it’s not my internet connection, running an iPad Pro.

My problem has been solved (see above). It is not enough to save the ride and leave the program running in the background on iOS - you have to shut it down completely betweeen sessions.

Yes, Force quitting seems to be the only fix.  Something going on at startup when you resume Zwift after leaving it in the background for a day, not to do with internet connectivity or servers unavailable.   If it still happens after the next Zwift release I’ll take the time to reach out to them, send logs, etc.

I’m just wondering if other with the issue are:

  1. are on 10.5" iPads only?

 2. Have a WiFi+Cellular model with Cellular enabled?