Can hear but can't see riders

When in Watopia I can not see any other riders. it happens both in free ride and in events. In events, I am the only rider in the start pen, even though the counter shows other riders and I can see their chat messages, and yes I am connected to the internet. It seems to only affect Watopia and non of the other worlds.

Things I have tried:

  1. Uninstalled then reinstalled Zwift
  2. Rest network modem and router
  3. Joined events and waited 5 minutes (still no one)
  4. Restarted computer
  5. Used a different computer

Please help!

A couple of people are having similar’ish symptons. I’ve seen 3 or 4 posts though not really paying attention but just came across this one … Can't see other zwifters

EDIT: another No riders on Watopia

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Thanks all. Unfortunately still getting the issue on my Apple TV so will just contact Zwift and see what they come back with

Please let us all know what they say. Seems like a lot of people are having this problem and no one has found a solution.

If using ATV, especially on WiFi, you might try the following:

Set your router to broadcast on a fixed channel (like 1 or 11) instead of looking for the best channel.

Always force-quit Zwift after each session. Same for companion app.

@Nigel_Tufnel Thank you for the suggestion. I am not sure what ATV is and I am running Zwift on a dedicated PC that is shut down after each session so I don’t think that is the problem. Every device on my network is experiencing the same issue.

Yes, I am not sure about the PC issues (except perhaps the WiFi issue, if you are running over the air), which is why I responded directly to Sam’s comment about ATV (Apple TV).

Same here. Have submitted to Zwift to see what they come back with. Tried everything you listed and played with permutations of worlds and partnering to see what would behaps show it. None were successful.

Kinda annoying i must say… didnt realize how much motivation it was to either chase or keep away!

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