No riders on Watopia

I can’t see any riders on Watopia. It started a few weeks ago. On other courses I don’t have such problem. What could be the problem?

What is the version number of your Zwift App?

What device are you using for Zwift?

I’m using PC. Client’s version 1.0.39812.

Usually when riders disappear it is a loss of wifi or internet signal on your end.

You should be on Version 1.0.40555, that is the most recent.

You could back up your prefs.xml and then deleting it from \documents\Zwift

Next time you open Zwift it should recreate it.

No, this is not the case.

That would be true if it happened on all worlds, but he is reporting that it happens just on Watopia.

Paul, thank you! I will try your advice.

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Neither updating to 40555 nor deleting prefs.xml solved the problem.:frowning:

You could try complete uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling.

Make sure you backup any custom workouts just in case. All other data (XP, Drops, Equipment…) are stored online.

I did this but nothing changes. London with riders. Watopia I’m alone.

Are you using any type of Proxy or VPN?

Anyway to try it with a different ISP (friends house, work…)

No, I’m not.

At work everything good, thus problem with my home comp.

I doubt it’s your computer, I would say it is an issue with your ISP blocking ports/addresses. Or it could be a DNS issue.

If you have access to your router can you check what DNS servers it is using on the WAN port.

You could just try testing changing your DNS servers on your PC to Google’s ( and

Why other courses show riders? Do they use different port or dns that Watopia?

I don’t think so, but I don’t have access to that info. They could use different IP addresses though.

I reconfigured my router to use Google’s DNS. Nothing changes.
Paul, I noticed a strange thing.
When I reinstalled Zwift again. I deleted my profile from Documents. I deleted references to Zwift in the Windows registry. I deleted all files and directory named * zwift *. But after installation Zwift did not offer me to enter a login and password - he remembers them. Where are they stored? Maybe there is other information in this place that causes the problem?

For a Win10 PC it would be the Edge browser.

No, I deleted password from Edge.