No riders on Watopia

Yes, Zwift uses Edge on Win10 for the initial login and startup.

I installed Wireshark (traffic analyzer) on my computer.
I can see traffic between Zwift’s host (support gave me ip and port) and my computer.
So, data is transmitted but it don’t have information about riders. If I ride on New York I see such information with rider’s name in packets.

No riders in Watopia. Riders in New York and Richmond. Using Apple TV. Good WiFi connection. I have restarted everything and it’s still the Same for Watopia. Any advice?

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Everything is fine now.
The reason for my problem was the blacklist of servers in Russia. One of Zwift’s servers was in it.

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Two days later the same issue. Watopia is devoid of riders but I can see them in other worlds. I have a Watopia race on Monday and I will be bummed to miss it if I can’t see anyone! I have reloaded software, restarted systems, reset the router, still no cure. Zwift support is slow to respond…

I am having a similar issue except for me it is in events. I can see people in Watopia but not in most events. Was all alone in the KISS 100 today. I have tried everything and the problem affects all devices and accounts attached to my network. I have added port forwarding to my router, reset my network, and tried to monitor internet traffic to find any cause. So far I have found nothing.