Lataest update Zwift group ride drop outs

Tried to take part in the Zwift big spin ride today, first time after the latest update and I kept dropping out.

It didnt lose conevtion but all the other riders and rider info dropped off leaving me alone, kicked in again but the group were long gone.

My partner also tried and she had the same issue. Both ended up doing a Watopia route with no issues.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue as im sure it was supposed to be a bug fix in the update but seems to be worse???

Riders disappearing is usually a problem with Internet connectivity between you and the Zwift servers. Could be your local network (WiFi, router, cable modem, etc) or your ISP, or any network in between you and Zwift’s equipment on the west coast of the US.

Thank you for the reply but It only seems to happen on the newer group rides like Zwift games and the Big spin rides. Works perfectly any other time.

You can contact Zwift support but I suspect they will say the same. If you upload a log file to it will show if you are having connectivity issues.