No Riders Nearby - All Alone

I’m planning on using my desktop for Zwift as it has better components and a wired network connection.  The few times I’ve used Zwift, I am always alone on the map - there are no other riders displayed (or AI) even though plenty are listed online.  I downloaded Zwift for my laptop and although it couldn’t run the program at nearly the same graphics level, there were other riders riding and displayed in the world.  This was within minutes of checking with my desktop, so I don’t think it’s a network issue.  Any ideas?

Hi Matt.  Sounds like it could be a firewall our router issue.  Something is blocking the packets we need.   The logging in happens over a very standard method of communications, but the in-game traffic for riders is over a different method and that is what seems to not get through.   Do you have any 3rd party antivirus or firewall programs installed?   What operating system is having the problem?  Do you use a corporate VPN or are you at work on a corporate network?

Jon, I am having the same issue–expect that I USED to be able to see others riders for a while after signing up last month and now cannot. Some laptop (MacBook PRO), same home wireless network (no hardware changes)–no other riders! Frustrating.

Hi Kevin, in your case it’s because your updates are failing and you’re on an old copy of the game (you are in a discontinued world…the new watopia has intersections and choices you can make at those intersections).

I have no idea why your updates are failing, but it could be that you’re low on hard drive space, or you have a very old Zwift Launcher.   Just re-downloading the launcher off the website might sort it out and then it’ll pull down the current version of the game.  If it doesnt sort it out, you should email your documents/Zwift/Logs/launcher_log.* files and we can help sort you out in a more in-depth way.

Thanks, Jon. So how exactly do I re-download the launcher? I was on the web site and can’t find a “Download” button as I am accustomed to from other software downloads. (I’ve got plenty of space on the hard drive.)

You can grab the latest updater here:

That seems to have done the trick, Jon. Thanks!

I like to use private VPN services like tunnelbear, is there a way to make zwift work with that kind of setup?

Jon - could you kindly assist, we’ve also lost all riders on two systems, where they have been fine for months (2 studio based bikes with 2 xPCs). Have tried turning off firewalls and then uninstalling and downloading fresh copies of zwift, and they updated fine so should be the current course.

There have been no changes to the router I don’t think, so I’m stumped!? Any advice would be most welcome - m thanks!

Thanks Jon Mayfield!!!
Had exactly the same Issue, since beginning of zwifting no riders nearby…
I changed Firewall Rules from High to Middle and it’ s working perfect now. Many Thanks!!!