11 hours logged and I've NEVER seen another rider!

(DB Smith (65+)) #1

The title says it all: I’ve ridden 11+ hours on both courses and I’ve NEVER seen anyone else riding. I’m pretty slow so I’d expect to have been passed often – according to the game there are usually 200+ riders on the course.

What am I missing, or is that expected?

I don’t team up with anyone when I start (I don’t know anyone!) and I usually ride a couple of laps on whichever course.


(Alexander Troiss) #2

Maybe you are running an old version of Zwift. Performing an update should solve your issue

(DB Smith (65+)) #3

Auto update is turned “on”. Version is 1.0.8995. I don’t think updating is the problem…

(Paul Craig) #4

Likely your video card (or lack there of) I used and older laptop and never saw a sole. Recently bought a laptop with that met the minimum requirements and it is a whole new world. 

(DB Smith (65+)) #5

Quad core i7, 16mb RAM, Nvidia GT750M in a late 2013 MacBook Pro.

Hardware deficiency seems unlikely.

(Nick Pratt TV5) #6

Ive been on Zwift for months, and we just started seeing something similar. Active leader boards, no riders. 3 different machines (2 PCs - one with a top end graphics card, one with regular, and 1 Mac). 2 different networks.

(DB Smith (65+)) #7

OK. Went to the Motorola cable modem setup. There is a tab for Firewall. IPv4 and IPv6 were both set to various levels of protection.

I shut off all firewall protection (both at the cable modem and at the computer) and, voila, Zwift shows riders, who’s near me, etc. In other words, that seems to have fixed it.