No other riders on my ride

Did a ride this afternoon, there was not any other riders showing on route or on the nearby riders list. Also the in game feature on the companion app wasn’t working. By the end of the ride the bike was off to the left of the road. This is the first time I’ve used Zwift in a month, is the a problem with the last update? I have uninstalled both the zwift app and companion app and reloaded and haven’t made difference. Running Zwift on Windows.

Almost definitely you’ve had an issue with your Wi-Fi connection.

Nobody else on the course is indicative of this as is being unable to connect your companion app.

Reboot your router.

Thanks I’ll give give that a go, i did reboot the router earlier in the day but ill do it again and see what happens.

And double check that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Sometimes they’ll latch onto a neighbours etc…

No riders on the course likely means that your Zwift app has lost connection to Zwift’s servers. It only needs a connection to start and save a ride, otherwise you can ride with no connection (and even no internet), just that you won’t see anyone else riding.

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