Can't get anyone else on the ride

I have had a problem for over three months now. I can log on and get the programs and ride. All by myself, no other riders and I get sprint times but they are not recorded on the board. When I shut down the results are sent to my Strava account and properly recorded. No one else is ever available to ride and I can not join any group rides. The next time I open Zwift it tells me that Zwift can not connect to the internet. I have contacted tech support and got no answers that work. I have contacted my Internet provider and there is no problem. All other apps and programs work but not Zwift. When I first signed on to the program it worked fine for 2 months and then it went off the rails. I have uninstalled it twice and just recently I bought a new upgraded computer and I still can not get any rider but myself on the screen. I can’t give any “Ride ons”, join any groups or ride with any other riders. Does anyone else have or had this problem? Do you have any ideas? Would really like to be able to use the program fully. Thanks for your help.

Hey there, do you still get the error message that says you’re not online? Have you tried riding with Zwift Companion to see if any nearby riders show up there?

No I have not. I don’t use the app. Don’t have an I phone. Still get the same msg - “con’t connect to the internet”. Thanks for the idea.

My guess is one of the ports is being blocked by your firewall or ISP. You need to make sure the following ports are open: 80, 443, 3022.

Here is a document that could be helpful:"check-your-internet-connection"-error-(cycling)-BkWrZC1WSQ

And you can use this sire to check if your ports are open:

Thanks Paul. I’’ check it out and see if it makes a difference.