Strava Social Ride

Hi there! Can someone tell me where I’ve gone wrong? I joined the Strava Social Ride this evening @ 19:00 GMT and whilst it let me in, I was on my own? The “road” was empty, there was no leader board (although it did give my position out of the total number of people riding), I couldn’t see any of the chat, the tips etc?! I’ve joined once before without issue, so not sure if anything’s changed or it’s operator error! Thanks

Unfortunately that’s classic symptom of the network dropping out after you have loaded Zwift. Usually its at your end … Wifi/router glitch type of thing (but can be ISP or anywhere between you and Zwift). If its a one-off, you probably dont need to do anything (I’d suggest a router/modem reboot though), but you can also drop your log file onto and see what it says about your network health during your activity.

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