Other riders?


I’ve been using Zwift for two weeks now and never been able to joined any riders (app crashed or nobody is their when joining the world) and don’t have any bots to roll with. Is their a particular settings?


Hi Mathieu,

There are no specific settings for this. Seems like there might be an issue, actually. Can you drop us a line at support@zwift.com with a detailed description of the issue?


Hi, same issue here. I click to join a ride and am by myself the entire time despite a long list of riders being available on the desktop app and the android app. Thanks, Ryan

Hi, same issue for me, was there a fix the user could initiate?


Same issue.  First few weeks I could see everyone, now I’ve been all alone for about a week.

I have the same problem as Scott - any fix??

Hi all, I had this issue as well, the fix was to make sure that the date and time on my computer where correct as well as my location. If your date and time are not correct you will not sync with the server correctly, your ride will save and be uploadable to strava however will not be correctly time stamped and you will also see no-one in game.

Thanks Mark, it works - appreciated

all good mate glad worked.

I have the same issue and have read all of the previous comments. I just got a new computer and don’t see any other riders. My date/time/location are all correct. Any other suggestions?

I solved this problem by changing my router settings to “minimum security.” As soon as I hit “save” on the settings I heard the sweet sound of other cyclists around me and saw a whole bunch of other riders. Like magic! What a fun training system when you finally get it to work like it should.