Join rider not working

(Donald Fast) #1

Trying to join a friend does not start me so i can find them.

Yes, zwift starts fine, click join rider, find name in list and go.

Problem :  I started somewhere in the middle of the course and automatically did a U turn, but they were nowhere around and not in sight on riders nearby .  Tried a manual U turn and not in sight either.


Any idea on how to ride with specific someone?

(Donald Fast) #2

the rider list showed me riders about 2 minutes on either side so if close, would have seen them.


(. TomH..) #3

Hi Donald, 

So you couldn’t see your friend in either direction? That’s a strange one, were you in the same time zone as your friend? Was it course transition day? Have you tried it again? Did it work the second time? 

Thank you

(Donald Fast) #4

Yes, i exited the app and tried again a few minutes later.  Same experience (U -turn and no sign of friend)

Same time zone, Sunday morning.

(. TomH..) #5

Ok, I’m sorry to hear this Donald,  that’s very unusual problem and in order to help you we will need you to click HERE and submit a ticket and include your ‘‘fit’’ file and ‘‘log’’ file from that ride. We’ll check it out for you and let you know what we found. 

Thank you.

(A Tage (Kiss B)) #6

@ Donald Fast & Zwift

This happens to me a lot trying to join moving riders usually on the reverse side of the road and especially if im not moving.(seems to happen more in the garage away from wifi)


I will join the course reverse side, see them on the list (sometimes not) but my rider will u-turn anyway and by the time i turn back they can be off or nearly off the list.


Spinning up the trainer before you click join helps a lot as trying to catch someone doing 180+ watt is difficult and they can soon be out of view. Keep an eye on the top of the list when you join as like above it may u-turn you to the wrong side.



(Donald Fast) #7

Hmmm, They were doing a steady 100km ride and no U-turns.

As always, i join the ride and then start pedaling.  

Are you suggesting i do another U turn as zwift starts me pointing the wrong direction?

(A Tage (Kiss B)) #8

In my experience of trying to join many a group ride yes, 95% of the time you should u turn around again immediately as zwift puts you in the wrong direction in watopia. Richond course thursday or friday has no u-turn and you will see how quick people can be off the list

When you get put on the zwift course (watopia) check all the names in the rider list. This can take upto five seconds so don’t pedal too fast as zwift may make you turn around. If the person is not on the list and zwift makes you turn that might be the correct direction.

Have a bit more time?, pre watch the person before you join and see if it’s forward or reverse  you need to be on.

Lost them while on course ? use the phone app select rider profile and  fan view and see where they are on course.

As for group rides, read for direction and ride slow till they catch you.