Problem on today's ride

So – I did roughly 50 minutes this evening. When I was about to join, the “join near a friend” screen clearly showed that 4-5 other folks were currently riding. However, when I clicked “join”, it appeared as if I was the only person riding. No one else showed up on the righthand menu and the course appeared deserted.

For a brief period in the middle of my ride, the other people who were on showed up on the right side of my screen. However, they quickly disappeared and I was again riding by myself.

For what it’s worth, I still had fun riding on my own. However, there was clearly a problem.

Because I was curious, I just logged on in “spectator mode” – same problem. The “join near a friend” menu shows 3 people currently on, but when I actually join, I appear to be the only person online.

I had this exact same problem on Wednesday night. In fact, I thought there was an issue with the AI server and kept putting off riding until I at least saw the AIs…but I did see other riders in the initial pop up list…but like you when I logged in I was the only name in the on screen rider list.

I even logged in once and tried to join another rider that showed in the initial popup, but when I was placed on the course there were no other riders and no AIs.

I sent a note to support who confirmed that the AI server was up and working and there were other people riding.

I was online and riding last night and I saw you log in. Your name was in my rider list and it showed how far ahead/behind me you were on the course. It just seemed we were on opposite sides of the course and our paths never crossed. You were displayed in my rider list the entire time you were online. I saw when you dropped off. I even noticed you logged back in again briefly as it looked like you tried to join me because your name appeared right behind me on the hill. In fact, I slowed down a bit to give you time to get going once I saw your name there, but then you dropped out again.

I did see other riders. A few were idle but I saw others riding…and I saw lots of AIs.


I had the same issue last night. But mine went one further. When I started riding, no one was there and instantly, my rider turned around and started riding the course in the opposite direction.
I just quit then relogged in. Then I was able to join the other riders and go the correct direction.

Still experiencing this problem as of today. Submitted a ticket to support… which I probably should have done earlier.

Andrew, I saw you on again today, Saturday. In fact, I rode with you for more than a lap the second time you logged in. The third time you logged in I rode with you for about half a lap.

It did not appear that you were aware of my presence. You were just doing your thing and never contested any sprints.