Not pairing with AI or online riders

Now that I got it going again, it show people I can join but when the game launches, there is no AI riders or Online riders.

** 2nd item is need a way to not play the sound w/o turning down the speakers. cannot play overlapping music thru my pc speakrs

I am having the same issue. Last night many riders were online (although no AI riders visible), but I could never see anyone after getting onto the island. Without the ability to ride with others, it’s hard to give useful feedback.

I downloaded fresh install on a SSD and it ran fine after that.

I will try uninstalling and re-installing tonight to see if that helps.

the only time I don’t see other real riders… is if the game glitches and I go the wrong directions…

I did not see any AI riders today at all… just real.

Logged in tonight at 7p PST - no AI. Had a few real riders to spar with but after several log-ins have not seen any AI riders ever.