Unable to join / No AI riders

(Darryl Shockley) #1

Rode with the program for the first time today and was impressed by how easy set up was. No issues with dongle picking up power meter. I was however unable to join other riders I saw on the list and there were no AI riders. Do I need to do something different at start up?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

When you say you were unable to join, you mean you couldnt even get into the world? Or when you joined, nobody was there?

Either way, could you open up a support ticket and attach the Documents\Zwift\Logs\Log.txt files to it? That may help us figure out whats going on. Thanks!

(Darryl Shockley) #3

Jon, I was able to get into the world with no issues, but once there I was alone. I’ll open the support ticket.