I noticed in the config files (located under Program Files or 32bit Program Files “Zwift\data\configs” There is an option for ‘set nAIBikes=’ which I assume stands for Number of AI Bikes. I just tried changing it in a few of the files but nothing seemed to happen. I would assume that the AI bikes are “running” on the server side, but maybe in the future this setting will hide them from the local game.

I like your idea though, perhaps if there are more than x “real” riders online (and moving) then you can start taking AIs off the course of maybe just get rid of them all together.

+1 on this. Disabling AI riders as an option would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t get the purpose of the AI riders in general.

The idea of riding against even the best AI doesn’t hold much allure compared with that of riding with a mass of representations of real people, pushing real peddles in various parts of the globe.

@J.P. there are times when very few people are riding on the island. The thinking behind AIs (I believe) is to give you someone to ride with if other real riders aren’t online.

Looks like today is an AI-free MLK Day. I felt a bit lonely at times though. I understand the desire for only actual riders and sometimes share it, but I think I do prefer when they are there.

Just disallow them from competing in the Orange Jersey.

Hahah…I agree with having some AI-Free times. Especially when there are a lot of people on. I did miss them a little bit though yesterday (MLK day). I often use them to catch a draft to to pull me up to you stronger riders (which is most of you) so I can suck your wheels for a while :D. It was a bit lonely on the island yesterday :D.