AI Feedback

Zwift … There are too many AI Bots, ghost riders, etc… They also ride in groups that are too big. They also have an uneven pace that is useless to follow. Please turn off the bots in one direction, at least.  Yes, this is WORSE (AI bot group size) since last release, I believe.   Pls have smaller, less frequent AI bot groups that ride at steady, but different by AI bot, paces.    Anyone, who even likes the bots at all???

Hi KC, the AIs are getting smarter little by little and thus are starting to group together more like humans do. I don’t agree that there are too many, I think the issue is more that the groups don’t get broken up from time to time.   This is probably because all AI’s weigh the exact same at the moment and only their ‘ftp’ is varied.

AIs are getting some big changes before the the fall, and I’ll see if we can’t break the groups up sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the reply Jon!  I would be curious as to whether people think Bots are a positive or negative … Maybe your dev time could be spent on better things than Bots?     I agree that good Bots can be helpful, but we are not there yet … We just have Bots who get In the way and are pretty impossible to draft … IMO … Thanks for the efforts to improve tho!





I think the Bots really help make the Game what it is! They seem really cleaver… They seem to sit at a constentish pace and really help you put in the miles, making it much more interesting than riding around on your own. Its interesting riding in a big group and if they arn’t going fast enough you can push the pace on at the front and most of the time they will follow.


Very impressed


If the AI Bots are improving all of the time, then that is great! As it stand now though, they are still pretty useless to me. When just casually riding the AI Bot pace in W/KG seems very inconsistent. When racing the TNR last night, I got caught in no man’s land solo for 4 laps and not a single AI Bot group passed at a high enough pace to be worth joining and no AI Bot group that I passed was fast enough to be helpful at all. Maybe the AI Bot pace should adjust to that of the riders’ efforts of those on the island at that time?