Can we remove the feedback regarding pace partners?

Is any useful data collected from this anymore? I understand that soliciting input was a necessary part of building the solution when these features were in a beta stage but we’re past that.

Agreed. I’d not had the feedback message for a while, but it popped up again last night.

I think everyone’s had a fair chance to voice their opinion. It’s very obvious that some are “for” and some (a minority?) are “against”.

Unless ZHQ have anything useful to add in response to requests to reinstate some of the old-style pace partners, then I think the discourse has run its course. Might be worth making it a sticky, since it contains a lot of useful info?

I think the OP is referring to the in game pop up after you have just completed a ride with PP / RP as opposed to forum feedback.

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I haven’t seen anywhere where I can vote or give feedback on robopacers (I’m against robopacers for running).

I’d hope Zwift are using game data to gauge popularity on features/changes, and not just rely on user feedback. As an IT guy, that’s what I’d want to know… how much time does each pacer have people near them at around the same pace (and where).

Have you tried to give this feedback in the feedback popup?:wink: (or is it just a star rating?)

Thanks Ian, never thought of that :blush:

Maybe I’m the only one who’s sick of seeing the same comments (r.e. RoboPacers/Pace Partners) posted over and over again :grin:?

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Ha! I did… every time I see the feedback invitation, I give the ride one star and say something about the survey. Needless to say, no one has ever contacted me about my feedback.

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Right! I’m an IT person too and asking a survey on every interaction is both unnecessary and unlikely to get you anything useful for data. When surveys are special invitations, people take the time to thoughtfully complete them but when you give everyone the same survey all the time, it just becomes a place to collect negative feedback.

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Correct. I was referring to the in game survey that pops up after a robopacer ride.

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