Mute Pace Partners

Please give us the option to mute pace partners. The repetitive messages are very annoying and we should have the option to turn them off. Turning off the heads up display or turning off all chat really aren’t viable solutions since they sacrifice useful features.

…and make the ruins ride-able again and pave them…

Instead of an option, maybe they could just turn the messages automatically off after 5–10 pace partner rides? It’s not like there will be anything new or interesting there after a while.

That would work but I think the option to just turn them off might be cleaner. But as long as they stop that would be great. The first couple hundred messages were OK but after that they get really annoying.

It’s not something we can do because for all intents and purposes, they are just another rider in game.

It’s either messages or no messages and I think we’d rather keep them on. They do only happen once every 5 minutes.

Once every 5 minutes. OK but we see every bot message on the course so it adds up quickly over an hour+ ride. And why can’t we mute individual riders? That seems like a useful feature. At least only have one pace partner barfing out the same messages so we don’t get repeats.

I believe we’re looking at privacy settings later on in the year.

You will only see messages from users within a certain radius - but you’ll have been close to a number at the time (especially in areas like Neokyo).

and tick-toc / tempus which is where I saw the same message from two different PP a minute apart this morning.

So many PP routes overlap I don’t think it is going to be very effective.

But in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think seeing a few messages about a blobasaurus is going to drastically negatively impact your life.

I understand the feedback and we can look towards that when making further rounds of improvements.

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Any thoughts about adding RP messages about upcoming events or missions, or other Zwift happenings? I would much rather see information/reminders like that than the ‘banter’ presently happening.

It’s a lot more time consuming than it sounds. You would have to manually update the messages for 18 RP/PP on a weekly basis.

Well, that’s how it works now, but processes can always be changed/improved, right? :wink:


Maybe get OpenGPT to write the messages instead?

And of course the “just another rider in the game”-ness can be changed for messages just as it has been for the other things.

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I don’t really mind the messages, maybe I just don’t focus to much on it.

But what could help is if you could expand the number of messages each RP have 24 different messages will only repeat every 2 hours.
I am sure we could help setting up a list of messages.

Thank you for letting me know where we stand. If that is the requirement for requesting a feature, you really shouldn’t have a ‘feature request’ forum.

Sorry - I was trying to word (badly) that there are more higher priority things to fix - I am half inclined to remove the messaging entirely though.


experiment, let’s see if anyone complains if they are gone?


I’d probably go with this solution - i don’t think their messages really add anything to the ride experience. I have seen people asking them questions in response



Removing the messages is a great idea. At least until there is some way to give us a mute option or make them not repeat (knowing that is difficult).

The problem is I have SO many pace partner miles that they are extremely repetitive at this point.

Thank you!

Get ChatGPT on the case!


Or baby steps… just decrease frequency of message from every 5 to every 10 minutes?

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