Group Ride - Mute Group Chat BUT Keep Leader Messages?

Hi, tough to believe I’m that original, but I can’t find this question elsewhere.

I generally leave group chat messages turned off all the time, because I find them distracting at best. Even on group rides they’re 80% composed of people complaining about flyers going too fast, the front needing to slow down, etc.

However, if I leave group comments muted while on a group ride, then I don’t seem to see the ride leader comments either - the ones that otherwise show up in yellow text in the center of the screen. I’d like to see the leader messages - because those give useful direction (speed up, go easy on this hill, sprint starts here, etc.). Is there a way to hide / mute group chat while on a group ride, while still getting leader messages, i.e., anything coming from whoever is designated a ride leader (yellow or red beacons, I think?).

I’m using an iPad, for what it’s worth.

If this exists and I’m missing it, please point me in the right direction? If not, then I’ll request it as a feature, and until then I’ll just keep ignoring people complaining about how other people (virtually) ride their bikes. Seriously, if they wanna ride off the front on a 2w/kg ride, just let 'em go…