Move ride leader messages away from centre of screen

The visual experience is a key factor in enduring the fact that we are in reality not outside where we ought to be. Any distraction from this must be carefully considered.

When participating in group rides however, some race leaders are extreemely verbose and the most central part of the screen is then obliterated with chit-chat that rightly belongs in the area to the left where chit-chat happens.

This detracts greatly from the overall experience that there is no way to turn this off (I actually appreciate the chit-chat in it self) or at least move off to the side among the other chats or to the bottom where the visual impression is not impaired.

I agree with this entirely.

I understand exactly what you both mean, but for me (old bloke, bad eyesight!) it would be easy to miss the leader comments and the added distraction helps motivation! In fact I wish all the chat could be in the middle of the screen especially in meet-ups! Luckily we have Discord!

I guess the answer is to have a on/off function!

i’d like to see the ride leader perminantly in the right bar with ± time to me, could this also include their last message ?