Messaging on group rides

Hi all. I organise a few group rides which are heaps of fun. Does anyone else have problems once riders in your group seperate by about 1.5 to 2 minutes that you loose sight of group messaging. If the bunch is well split the some riders only see some messages including messages from the ride leader. I would prefer it if all riders in the ride could see all group messages. Perhaps if you can switch between bunch and group messaging too. I welcome your thoughts.

In a group ride I think only the 100 riders closest to you can see your messages, UNLESS you are the ride leader (yellow beacon) in which case everyone on the ride can see your messages.

I am the beacon and often other riders in my group don’t see my messages. I know because 3 of us are in one room and I see when they loose seeing my messages. Then I have to private message each rider which is a bit painful.

Are these official Zwift rides, or just meet ups? I’m not sure the beacon messaging to everyone works the same for meet ups.

Just meetups that I organise.