Group chat won’t show for me and others on group ride

Long time community rider in Zwift, only ride with Pack where the groups are always over 100 riders.

The last round of updates means no longer see messages from the whole Pack Group Ride and many others are reporting the same issue via the Pack community Facebook page.

Please can you advise when group chat will be fixed for community group rides, as this is the only reason I use Zwift.


Maybe participate/monitor this thread.

Ummm, I’m not Zwift and just trying to help you.

I have seen loads of posts on the subject so just typed “chat” in search knowing that the bigger threads get the attention of Zwift staff. Individual threads about a common topic generally dont get Zwift’s attention.

But all good, may be the next person will appreciate my offer of help.

Sorry Dean.

Did not mean to be krasse the message came to my inbox unmarked from zwift support and no author, thought I was responding to an automated system again, had no idea reply would post on forum.

Personally after 5 year riding zwift the only thing that makes it great is the community, filled with willing unpaid helpers like yourself.

Now I can no longer interacting with others on zwift platform makes pelaton and zoom much more appealing.

lol, thats really funny. Maybe Zwift, when they get time could sort that out too (unlikely).

No worries. I totally get the frustration.

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To remove confusion and since zwift aren’t clever enough to consolidate information in service reporting going to delete topic.
But turns out you can’t delete topic only flag.