Group chat!

What has Zwift done to the group chat it’s AWFUL, love a bit of banter on the large group rides I do!!! It has been destroyed! Bring back whole ride group chat!!!

We have noticed the same on our MWF Kiss at Base group rides.
Starting last Monday, you can only see chat from people within a certain proximity of where you are in the blob.
This has really ruined group chat on these regular group rides
I sweep riders that fall off of the back on these rides, and once someone is a few seconds off of the back, you can no longer hear them ask for help.
There are many people on our group ride and others I have been on over the last week that are equally as frustrated as this change has negatively impacted the draw for many which is social
Anyone have any suggestions?
Or perhaps know what caused this change?

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It’s probably an unintentional side-effect of their changes to help lower-spec hardware to cope with large events.

There are several other threads on this subject.

Thank you Steve; I haven’t read through other threads but will do so
What is the best way to appeal to Zwift to rectify this change for smaller, more regular, group rides?

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I would post up in Group ride chat funkiness---can only see some of the messages (there are other threads too, but that’s one) and raise a support ticket with Zwift on it, to help with its visibility.

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Thanks Steve; just saw that post. Appreciate it
Have a good one!