Group chat won't show for me

Hi all,

I’ve got a strange problem on Zwift which I’m wondering if anyone could help with - group chat has stopped being visible in Zwift. It’s strange because:

  • In the settings, “Show Group-Chat” is set to “Show”.
  • There’s no group chat visible in any activity - group rides or free riding.
  • The only exception is that in group rides with a leader, I can see what the leader’s saying.
  • I’ve confirmed other people can see what I say - ride leaders have responded to me and others have given me Ride Ons when I asked.
  • This issue happens across different devices - I’ve tried PC, iPad, and companion on iPhone and Android. Show group chat is set to “Show” on all.
  • Using the “m” key on my Windows keyboard doesn’t open the chat window as it should and I can’t access chat through the menu - the only way I can talk to others outside the starting pens is with the companion app.

With all the above, I’m drawn to thinking it’s a bug somewhere in my account. Has anyone seen this before and can you help? I really miss the group chat - it’s a huge part of what makes the Tour de Zwift the highlight of the Zwifting year for me.

Thanks in advance

Do you have a free kids account, kids cant see messages.

Make sure you have your correct birthday in your profile.

Thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ & @Daryl_Southwood - I think you might be right here.

It’s not a kids account and definitely not free - I’ve always just left my age as blank because it’s often recommended that you don’t put personal info such as date of birth and age online - and it seems in the past few days Zwift has automatically given me a birthdate which suggests my age is “1”. Of course, Zwift won’t let me change my date of birth so I’ll have to wait for Zwift support to respond to my query.

Thanks for helping diagnose it. :+1:

I thought they could until they turned 13…? That’s what happened to mine. Unless a teenager doesn’t count for a kid :upside_down_face: