Chat not working on multiple devices

Hi all. Hoping someone can help me with chat issues. I use a Windows 10 desktop for zwift, and the android companion app. When in group rides, i can see the group leader’s messages on my zwift screen, and on the companion app, and he/she can see mine. But I can’t see anyone else’s messages, and they cant see mine.

In game, pressing M doesnt give me chat, even though i have the “show group chat” setting enabled.

I have the same issue across multiple I borrowed to test:

  • using android phone for zwift
  • using macbook for zwift
  • using windows 10 laptop for zwift

I have also read on the forums about port forwarding, so opened a load of ports, tried turning windows firewall off completely, turned off router firewall completely, but nothing seems to make a difference.

I feel like I’m really missing out on the banter aspect of group rides, please help!

Edit to say I’ve just created a second test account, and on free ride on android, the chat functionality works so it looks like something at the account level. Anyone got an idea on how to fix?