Chat not working on multiple devices

Hi all. Hoping someone can help me with chat issues. I use a Windows 10 desktop for zwift, and the android companion app. When in group rides, i can see the group leader’s messages on my zwift screen, and on the companion app, and he/she can see mine. But I can’t see anyone else’s messages, and they cant see mine.

In game, pressing M doesnt give me chat, even though i have the “show group chat” setting enabled.

I have the same issue across multiple I borrowed to test:

  • using android phone for zwift
  • using macbook for zwift
  • using windows 10 laptop for zwift

I have also read on the forums about port forwarding, so opened a load of ports, tried turning windows firewall off completely, turned off router firewall completely, but nothing seems to make a difference.

I feel like I’m really missing out on the banter aspect of group rides, please help!

Edit to say I’ve just created a second test account, and on free ride on android, the chat functionality works so it looks like something at the account level. Anyone got an idea on how to fix?

I have the exact same problem! I can see the leader’s messages, but no one else’s. I even sent a direct message to a friend and she wrote me back but I couldn’t see it.

Everything else about Companion is running correctly. I’d really like to be part of the group experience. Did you find an answer?

Hey, I did indeed. Turned out it was incorrectly set DOB on my account, possibly making me under age or something, so chat was disabled. You should be able to check your profile to see how yours is set. Unfortunately you can’t modify it yourself, but I sent a support ticket to zwift and they fixed it inside a week or so. Chat worked fine after that.

Good luck