Various chat, connection and interface issues since recent updates

Good morning all. I’ve been having a fair few problems since the last couple of updates which are making Zwift almost unplayable at the moment - or at the least, not enjoyable. I was wondering if anyone had experience the same or found any fixes?

  1. During group rides, I can’t see all the chat going on, and my team mates are saying they can’t see most of my chat either. This seems to be pretty common to a lot of people on the rides and seems to get worse the more popular the group ride.

  2. Zwift companion stops receiving messages after a while OR will receive messages I don’t see on screen. OR I get messages on screen that I don’t get on the companion app.

  3. The leader beacons seem to jump around a lot. It seems to be when two or more “leaders” are on a ride, zwift doesn’t seem able to follow the hierarchy properly of which one should be the sole leader. This is also a common problem with many other riders.

  4. Occasionally some riders are unable to see the beacons at all, either on the map or in the game. Again this seems to happen to a lot of people, and it is more noticeable when the rides are busier.

  5. Connectivity - when I exit the game to change to a different route, I can’t get any of the devices to reconnect when I relaunch the game. This covers my kickr, wahoo tickr hrm and garmin cadence sensor. The only fix I have is restarting the PC or unpairing everything and re-pairing.

  6. Sometimes when I start any ride… I end up in random locations. Its happened twice the past couple of weeks. Once I started in the sea while joining Coco Cadence. Another time I was about 100 ft in the sky when joining a group ride.

These have all been new issues - most of the chat ones being since the last week or so, the connectivity being since somewhere late December. If anyone has any tips or work-around, that would be great. I have already reinstalled the apps (zwift on Windows 10, companion app on android).


This is probably just a byproduct of the issues with riders disappearing and reappearing at random (often asymmetrically, so still visible for some riders but not others) that became much more prevalent a few months ago. When the server (or client, whatever end makes the decision) loses contact to the #1 leader, the next one is promoted for a short while and then demoted again.


Beacon jumping/non-visible beacons has been a bit more frequent since the buggy update, unless it’s just my imagination. Maybe they’re using connection quality more strictly as criteria to purge from group? Or maybe it is just imagined :slight_smile:

Except that the bug that causes riders to disappear doesn’t have anything to do with connection quality (even if it manifests itself the same way).

Exactly. I have a 1gb fiber connection and experience all of the above listed problems as well as the Wahoo Tickr dropping off, the entire field disappearing (Welcome to The Twilight Zone), etc. I know the last update was for the iOS connection issue and the previous was for the super large group problem but they’ve certainly added some uncertainty to the Zwift experience now…

I have definitely had problems 1 through 4. Reported them elsewhere on forum (as have others) but unfortunately I haven’t seen a response from official Zwift posters other than “we’ll look into it.”

A bug causing disappearances might not have to do with it. I’m not confident that there aren’t others.

True. Though maybe we soon get to the point where the bugs start cancelling out one another and things start working again…

I have reported the chat issue on a separate thread here: Group ride chat funkiness---can only see some of the messages

Feel free to vote on it if you are also encountering the issue. I have also reported the issue directly to Zwift support. If you have a few minutes and feel strongly about it, please do it too. :slight_smile:

The communication aspect with other riders in a group ride, sometimes very large ones, has long been one of the most attractive features of Zwift to me. Now sending and receiving messages is a bit like playing the Russian roulette. :slightly_frowning_face:

Still losing my BT paired HRM in big events. Dropped out this morning in the TdZ event at 7am Pacific. This isn’t a huge deal in rides but having it drop out during a race would be very frustrating as most races require HR data.
This was not a problem before the last two updates. I’ve NEVER had an HRM failure in literally hundreds of events.

What sort of messages are you sending? The kind you can’t refuse?

Hahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: