Chat broken for Event Leader [1.13.0] [May 2021]

@wes and @shooj

I was red beacon tonight in Watopia. In pens I could chat, in ride no chat through companion or Zwift app, as soon as ride ended I could chat again. Windows version.

Any fence test news please?

Thanks for the report. Was it during this event?

We have another similar report of this so we’ll investigate.

Hi Shooj,

Yes that was the event, I heard Enrico had a similar issue in the EVO Flux ride this morning at 05:45am BST.

My Stream is here

My Dell G7 7700 is fully up to date, I was hard wired to a switch / my router with a wifi access point within 1m for my android tablet.


Thanks for the followup! We’re looking into it.


We ID’ed the problem and are verifying the fix. Should be fixed in an upcoming release.

In Herd rides since the update, red beacon chat has not been showing up in game, but it is showing in the companion app. As soon as the event ends and they lose the beacon, their chats start showing up in game again.

Sounds like the same issue except for the mention by @Paul_Cooper_Ve_SZR that it wasn’t showing in companion app for them.

Good morning, I also had the issue on tbr101 Saturday, was handed the Red beacon at 50km and lost all messaging. Prior to hand over I had full access to group message and Rider messages. Thanks Damien