Chat and Ride Ons not showing

During my rides yesterday and today (March 27/28) I am not able to see any chats or send messages during rides and events. I am also not receiving any Ride Ons. These issues happened while riding solo and while riding on a meetup.

Anyone else experiencing this?

For me the problem was on Windows, but seems to have been fixed permanently now for many months.

I’ve had the same problem going on here the last few days.
Chat not working during group rides. No rideons, leaderboards only showing me on them.
I can See all the other riders in the group so I dont think it’s a connection issue. My ride saves after the ride ends.
No chat, no segment leaderboards, no rideons

I am Using windows

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This is a total guess but there was a Zwift update on the 27 March. Maybe your systems didn’t auto update.

Same here. No chat, no leader messages, only me on leaderboards, no ride ons. Running via Android, Huawei Mediapad M5. App updated to latest version. Have been like this for a couple of days…

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Yes I also get the same since the latest update. No chat in free ride. No chat in event (inc ride lead instructions). Only me visible in event leaderboards, however in free ride these are populated. Using Android on a Huawei MediaPad M5. No 3R interval rides for me until this one is sorted :frowning:


Yes, exactly those symptoms. Only started since last update.

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If it helps, after experiencing the same symptoms since the recent update on Saturday, I’ve just done an uninstall & full reinstall and managed to see a test message in the rider list when ‘just watching’ which is more than I was getting last night. :grinning:
I’ll give it a more comprehensive test when riding tonight but it may be a fresh install is the answer to your problem.

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Same problem since Update to v1.0.46903 on Windows.
Cant’s see messages, don’t receive / can give ride ons, only me on leaderboard, messages also not showing in compaion app.

More strange behavior:
I joined a group ride and above problems occurred. After ~36 minutes all riders disappeared but messages started showing up and I received ride ons.

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So much for that bright idea. Did two laps testing on Innsbruckring; test message didn’t show on screen but did echo on the App msg screen. Didn’t see any ride ons come in, but could see them when given out. There were 12 ride ons in my activity when I stopped.
I give up!

I submitted a ticket. I’ve done it all, logged out, back in, reboot, updates, more reboots, etc. Still having issues.

I’ve submitted a ticket too. On Sunday (29th). Still awaiting reply. Reinstall also did nothing for me.

Exactly the same issue here. One PC running Windows 10 showing no chat, no thumbs during ride. A laptop running same version of Zwift, on Windows 10 shows chat, but can be a little sketchy towards end of the ride. iPad, working okay. All on same network, all with Android companion. Confusing and frustrating!

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I’ve had the same since Saturday 28/3. It’s the same on my Windows laptop and android phone. No messages, ride ons, the only one on the leaderboard … But I have enjoyed getting all the kom and sprint jerseys :grin:

I encountered same problems in iPad version. No ride on, no talks, no ranks in segments and no sound during my ride even though I have reinstall the app for several times. My iOS version is 13.4 and Zwift version is the latest version in App store.

Messages showing again with update 1.0.48xx. Other issues not testet yet. Thanks so far :slight_smile:

Two hours into my ride today everything started working again :thinking:. Will keep an eye on it and let you all know.

Same thing for me. Immediately after March 28 update, chat messages and ride on notifications disappeared (I am doing only group rides). Also every ride I am getting a segment leader jersey for no good reason.

Samsung S9, Android 10.

Which platform are you using, PC, Android?

Our ride on Saturday morning I did with PC, and chats worked fine there.
But definitely not working on my Android tablet since the latest update.

(I will test PC again tonight, to experience the April 1st look in max blurry detail :smiley: )

same problem for me Theia , using Android .