Chat lag and missing messages

(Rob Bolt [BRT]) #1

Zwift could you please look into chat messages during group rides.

Currently during group rides messages either show up several minutes after typing them or never show up at all.

After approximately 5 - 10 minutes it rectifies itself but reoccurs again 10 minutes later.

Its a big issue if your trying to control a group ride and people aren’t getting instructions.


Thank You

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

This *should* be fixed now. It’s a server issue and we’ll be doing upgrades and maintenance very soon.

(Rob Bolt [BRT]) #3

Thanks for the update Eric.

Ride On!

(Nicholas Rodie) #4

My message lag had been increasing, finally my messages failed to show. Just did a fresh install of Zwift, and first chat message came up instantly. Closed Zwift, reopened, and once again messages not showing. Just FYI.