March 27 Update - a couple of issues

1. Missing bike colors

Case: My Trek Madone lost its default viper red color

the bike used to be viper red by default as seen in the left side of the
pane, but now it is orange, and red is missing from the color slider.
At the bottom of the scale, where red should be it jumps from purple to pink.
The real world 2020 Madone SLR is still using that viper red color,
so I see no reason for it to be removed, and this is maybe a buggy behavior
from the slider.

2. Chat messages do not display (on Android)

Case: I can’t see any messages in Zwift game

Immediately after updating the app on Saturday, I jumped into the 3R 100k
group ride (>700 participants), and I noticed there where none of the usual ride
leader messages displaying in the middle of the screen or any of the other group
ride chat. Also messages send from me did not displayed anywhere. Checked
settings and group chat was already enabled, so I finished the ride quite socially
distant. I joined a couple of group rides today and the issue remains the same.

3. No ‘Ride On’ notifications

I can see ride on being given to other riders, but I don’t get the in-game notification
message for the once I receive.

4. Leader jersey received for no good reason

I got some orange segment leader jersey during 2 group rides where I rode at Base
Zone 2 pace in the middle of the blob.

My setup:
Samsung S9, Android 10
Tacx Flux S

Using ANT+ where available


I have the same problem with canyon aeroroad in red color. Now it is impossible to paint it to the red original color.

I have a s8 and also lost all social functions after update. No text preride or in game. Also, no indication of getting ride ons in game. After I saw I had 40 to 50…

I started having the exact same issues at the exact same time.

Also tried to uninstall/install & change/reinstate settings. No change.

My set up:
Pixel XL 3 Android 10 (Zwift app) Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet (Zwift companion app)
Tacx Neo 2
Bluetooth connection

I have same issue and on android phone, all worked until update . Don’t see any chat. Checked all settings etc. and switched everything related on but no difference!! Any suggestions on how to fix??

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Same issue here, S10+, and Android tablet are very socially distant. Still seems to work fine on Macbook. Everything worked fine before the update.


This problem appeared to be fixed for me today 4/3/20 around 11:30 am EST. I started getting ride ons about 45 minutes into my ride and about an hour in I started seeing local chat.

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Excellent, I will only be going back on tomorrow but fingers crossed its been a temporary blip and mine works too!

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I did a short test this morning with the new update (game version 1.0.48638):

  • first messages did not appear, but some time in maybe 2-3 mins chat came back
  • bike colors are still off

I’ll be doing the Houte Route Stage 2 later, and will report back for the rest.

Been on thisorning and see me to be back working!