Sworks Tarmac SL7 Color

Dear members,

Anyone here bought the Sworks Tarmac SL7 in game and the color isn’t in its original RED? Even slide the slider to the red and all it shows is Pink or Orange.

Do anyone know how to reset it back to the original red color? I do see other user’s SL7 in red during the ride. Appreciated if anyone could share the solution to reset it back to RED or how to make it to RED.

I had sent support tickets to ZWIFT’s support regarding this and awaiting their favorably reply.

I believe many users would like this to be solved and get the SL7 to be in RED.

Thank you

Ride On!

Sounds like…

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Yap. I like that red. Then played around with paint jobs. But decided go back to the nice red. No can do apparently. Now sad :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes. I am experiencing the same thing. I too have contacted Zwift and they suggested seeking an answer through a forum. I switched from the original Red for fun but when I tried to go back to it, it was gone and the pinkish color took its place. I don’t know how or if Red can be restored. Sorry.

This is causing me more distress than it should. Orange is not the same :see_no_evil: I hope we can get the red/black combo back soon.

It will probably never happen.

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This was posted on May 11th 2020

+1, was really hyped for this frame, but now that it’s orange it doesn’t fit any of my red and black themed gear, so gone back to spec tarmac pro :frowning:

Has Zwift responded to you? They responded to me. Gave me instructions on how to use the color bar. As if !!! Just saw that Patrick Dempsey’s ride will be using the SL7 in RED and Black. Hope Zwift sees these conversations. Good luck. Ride on.

Yes, the Zwift support did replied. The support said their team has been informed and are currently working on a fix on the Sworks Tarmac SL7.

Ride on.