Custom painted red frame isn't red

How did you solve it? Doesn’t seem to work for me, even with April 29th game update.

Solved also for me, my Madone got back to its Viper Red color :slight_smile:


I’m still pink in my Madone too…

Also, any reason black isn’t an option? I’d kind of like to match my irl frame… red is really a second best option for me if I dare say.

Madone is fixed and other custom bikes. Most of the Zwift default bikes are still orange-pink: Zwift TT/mountain/tron/steel/aero. Zwift carbon is almost red…

My Cannondale - specifically bought for glorious red paint job - is still pink despite downloading latest updates… does anybody know if this fix was applied to all bikes or individual frames? Thanks.

Here’s an update on this one, gang. It’s partially fixed, meaning when you select red on some frames, it displays as red.

Some background: the spray can slider shifts the hue, but is affected by the brightness value of the base colors. Bikes like the Zwift Steel, Aero, and Carbon have a high brightness base value, and thus will show pink instead of deep red when the slider is in the red ranges. Fixing this issue on frames like these will take more time.


Thanks for your effort! :slight_smile:

Thanks in anticipation - great to get an update :grinning:

Yes… how do I get the EVO back to the standard red color. Now I’m stuck riding a pink bike!!! or is there a way to choose white?

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Same here, I just bought it, played around with it to see what it looked like in other colours but it wont go back to red. Gutted. Best keep riding to get the Scott Foil. Only wanted the Evo cos its light and cheap! But now its not red… :no_mouth:

Come on Zwift, were spending our hard earned drops on these!

I have a bit similar problem, but with the tron bike - selected orange, and it’s orange in the garage, but as soon as I start riding it, its wheels become yellow! Argh! No longer matching my kit! Seriously Zwift, get your priorities straight and fix it! (just kidding of course - but only partially)

Same here. Just purchased Specialized Tarmac SL7. Loved the look of red and black on the frame. All i can get is orange.


Same here cannondale evo, either orange or pink, custom slider can’t create red. Seems this issue has been known for a while is it really that hard to fix?


Save yourself some reading time because this basically applies to every thread.

Yea same! Bought Tarmac SL7 and can’t get the original red/black combo!


Hi Shuji,

Did anything end up happening with this? Seems like it’s been an issue since April and I’m still having issues with it.



Same issue with the Specialized tarmac sl7. Either orange or pink. No red possible :slightly_frowning_face:
Any updates on this?


Same issue also for me with Tarmac SL7


Same issue to me, Tarmar SL 8. Some more updates from developers?

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I don’t think anyone from the development team actually reads this forum.

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