Bike color dial doesn't allow red

It doesn’t seem possible to change bike paint to red. At the top of the color selector you get orange and at the bottom you get pink/purple

Yeah, Zwift hates Red. There has been some talk of fixing that and other colour problems with bikes at some point.

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Also you can’t have a dark blue on the tron bike.
If you set it to blue in the garage, in game it gets violet.

But it’s all just optics.

Please give us the Zwift 1989 paint job on the Steel Bike as choice, also the kit.

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Same here. I just got the Trek Madone and am very disappointed I can’t get a true, deep red.

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Yep - bought my first bike with hard earned drops - a Cannondale - but gutted to find I can’t paint it red.
Hopefully a fix on the way Zwift??

This is a known problem.

It seems like they fixed the issue a few times and it keeps coming back

Further proof that Zwift’s dev team are a bunch of armatures.