Red "Tron" Z1 Bike

Ever noticed that there are no red “Tron” bikes in Zwift? That’s because the colour slider goes from orange to pink over a tiny portion of the slider range, and for some reason you can’t get the entire bike to look red (with wheels still looking orange, whilst the frame is already going purple), despite how easy it is to get an even look for every other colour.

Not exactly game breaking, but it should be pretty trivial fix for the developers.

Add a color code input field (in addition to the slider)? Much easier than fiddling with the laptop trackpoint/trackpad with sweaty fingers. FF0000 and voila :slight_smile:


Where to add a color code in the game?

My comment was a request for Zwift developers :). It doesn’t exist.

Thanks you:)

Zwift doesn’t understand about red.
I like the red Tron bike the best.
Zwift says, “Oh Kelly, what difference does it make? Ride the pink or orange bike instead.”
But I can ride faster on the red Tron bike.
I like the red Tron bike the best.
I like red, because red is best.

(This post was inspired by the children’s classic “Red is Best” by Kathy Stinson.)