Blue/Pink multicolored Tron bikes?

I’ve noticed these lately - how do you get the multicolors?

You just move the color slider in between the different colors.

No, I have seen tron bikes that have a combo blue/pink at the same time. When I slide the bar, it only switches between single colors.

Got a screenshot? I’ve never seen it.

You can see it in this screenshot.

Edit: For those that don’t know the Tron wheels ‘light up’ at around 20 kph so the effect of blue/pink highlights more when at speed.

Same color Tron at speed in view 1.

Next time I see it I’ll grab a shot. Basically each wheel was half blue-half pink.

Either legit or some weird rendering issue with the graphics of those two colors are right next to each other on the slider selector bar.

Like this.

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That’s it… am I just not using the slider bar right to get that color or is that a special unlock?

You need to move the slider in small increments to get it in between pink and blue. Also the angle of the camera help.

It is not an unlock or hack.

Cool, thanks

it appears they removed this with the new update. anyone else run into it? my once multi-colored tron is now pink and i cant adjust the slider the same

My Tron is still blue/purple


what are you using zwift on? i can get it to work on my phone app, but not zwift on my microsoft surface

I use Windows 10.

Is there any Pref file that you can go in and edit to get the color slide bar in the correct position?