Colour of Concept Bike (or Tron bike)

In the very most update 1.0.48638, the Tron colour bar has been tweaked. Myself (and only a few others) had found a really good colour at the bottom where it was an awesome Pink + Orange combination. When I joined this time it was just plain bright pink. Try as I might, you can’t get that old colour combination again.
I just tried on my Android, and same no luck. It looks like the bottom 1/6th of the slider is just plain pink instead of some good variations.
Please bring the old colour slider back, or ■■■■, even make a better one.

Ok, I just did a group ride and there was someone there who had my old bike colour! So I’m thinking they’re still on an old version (maybe iOS or aTV?) and their slider still works. Obviously the actual colour is still available in the game code, its just the slider that’s broken.