Tron Bike Changing Colors on It's Own

I’m having two problems recently with the color slider on the Tron bike

  1. If I switch to a non-Tron bike, when I switch back the color scheme will be slightly different than it was before. As in I lose my cool two tone color and have to spend a minute trying to reset it

  2. Starting today, when I set the color it is one color when I am stationary and a completely different adjacent color when I’m pedaling. For example if I put the slider all the way to the top for red, it looks reddish/orange when I’m stopped and then it changed to yellow when pedaling. If I set it to purple, it’s purple when I’m stationary and blue when I’m pedaling.

Both are pretty annoying. Can we just get a numerical value instead of the slider bar. Or something else that is more precise. Heck I’ll settle for it just being the same color in the garage as it is on the road

Haha! That’s funny because, I thought the coolest thing about the Concept bike was that the wheels changed colour when you put the watts down!