Bring Back the White Tron Bike

A year ago…maybe two, there was a glitch when some tron bikes turned white.
This was the best tron colour theres ever been so please bring it back.
Was the best glitch ever

(Im sure someone can post a screenshot)

It was covered here.

You may want to edit your title to something a little bit more useful like “please allow white tron bike” so it actually saves people a click and shows up in search etc - but upvote for the idea, because I agree! Although I’d go further and suggest that really all the bikes should be able to be sprayed in any colour, not just the tron. It’s beyond me why some bikes are only available in a fixed paint scheme. It would be so easy to add, and makes no sense for it to be limited.


I would say manufacturers limit Zwift to allowing bikes to be certain colours only.

Many have unique colour schemes that are part of their identity.

That does make sense I guess if there’s some kind of restrictive intellectual property type arrangement. Its a little bit shortsighted I think in that people would ride their bikes more (and give them greater exposure/marketing) if they could ride it in a colour scheme they liked. I know that I don’t ride some bikes simply because the colour schemes are restrictive and (in some cases) a touch ugly, I pick the bikes I ride in-game a little like the kit, to suit my aesthetics and not just based on performance of the bike in-game :slight_smile: Maybe I’m a little unusual in that though! :slight_smile:

Unless a handful of seconds really matter to you then there’s no real reason to choose performance over aesthetics.

I ride the Focus Izalco as it’s what i own in real life and the colour scheme is funky. But then i don’t race.