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I have two things that I would like to get some feedback on for the Tron bike. #1, and I know that this has been requested b4, but we rly need a red color for the Tron. #2, the tron is a futuristic road bike, it drafts. Are there any time trialists or triathletes on here that would just love to see a futuristic glowing TT bike?? maybe unlocked by riding and climbing a certain number of miles/feet on a TT bike? I for one would love to see a TT tron bike. Any thoughts about these??

I also love the idea of a black tron w/ optional disc wheelset

The Pink Tron is the fastest of all Trons.

End of discussion.


Haha, I would love a black and/or TT tron nonetheless

and altho the pink tron is great, it doesnt go the best with a red kit

Don’t wear a red kit then.

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I love them tho!! especially the Lava kit


In Zwift New York they have hover cars, hover horse buggys, it really needs to be a hovering Tron bike too.

A TT Tron that leaves a trail if you’re riding over FTP? :smiley:


Yeah like the wheels turn sideways and you float

Also need a MTB tron bike achieved by getting some ungodly number of painful miles in the jungle routes :slight_smile:


They already have that courtesy of the bug at the end of Repack where you end up off the map riding around the sky. (Ha ha)