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I have two things that I would like to get some feedback on for the Tron bike. #1, and I know that this has been requested b4, but we rly need a red color for the Tron. #2, the tron is a futuristic road bike, it drafts. Are there any time trialists or triathletes on here that would just love to see a futuristic glowing TT bike?? maybe unlocked by riding and climbing a certain number of miles/feet on a TT bike? I for one would love to see a TT tron bike. Any thoughts about these??

I also love the idea of a black tron w/ optional disc wheelset

The Pink Tron is the fastest of all Trons.

End of discussion.


Haha, I would love a black and/or TT tron nonetheless

and altho the pink tron is great, it doesnt go the best with a red kit

Don’t wear a red kit then.

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I love them tho!! especially the Lava kit


In Zwift New York they have hover cars, hover horse buggys, it really needs to be a hovering Tron bike too.

A TT Tron that leaves a trail if you’re riding over FTP? :smiley:


Yeah like the wheels turn sideways and you float

Also need a MTB tron bike achieved by getting some ungodly number of painful miles in the jungle routes :slight_smile:


They already have that courtesy of the bug at the end of Repack where you end up off the map riding around the sky. (Ha ha)

When will we have an electric assist Tron? I can really use it on ADZ and Ven Top rides. :upside_down_face: