Tron Bike upgrade

(Phil Mack Race3R (A)) #1

Most riders now have, or close to getting their Tron bike. How about an upgrade/variation/new bike at level 50? Even if it’s just a new look to the Tron which shows a rider had worked hard to get to level 50?

(Lin) #2

But the Tron bike has nothing to do w/what level you have achieved. Also, we get tons of kit and/or gear unlocked along the way to 50 as well as for level 50. If you wanna show that you worked hard to level 50, then wear the level 50 kit (guessing they give out a kit for 50). That said, I do not necessarily like every unlock item, but who does.

(Daren) #3

Most? I think you vastly over-estimate the proportion of people who have unlocked it! It might seem like most if you regularly ride races with a lot of experienced/long time Zwifters, but I suspect those are a minority demographic.

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #4

It will be interesting to know what persentage of riders have the TRON.

i will be cool if there was a upgraded TRON when you get to 200,000 m (656,168 ft) just for fun.

(Daren) #5

Monkey lights for 100,000m!


OK, they’re only really visible from the side, but they’re cool. They turn heads (I have them on my commuter).

I wonder if the graphics engine could really support it though.