Beyond Level 50

(Charlie) #1

Okay so before I get blasted for posting what I would think would be an old, I’m sure already talked about subject…I did search for this in various formats coming up with nothing which is why I’m now asking.
Coming off of a two-week break, I’m now coming up on Level 50. Has there been any talk to extend beyond 50 the way they did beyond 25?


(Daren) #2

Meh. It was three years from level 25 to level 50. Don’t hold your breath.

(Jim) #3

Time to start a new character!

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(Tim) #4

I’ll finish this season at level 26 or 27 so the new levels will keep me going for a couple more years.
I wish the additional levels would have unlocked a new kit similar to the kits for levels 15,20 &25.
And how do people get the riding caps?

(Jim) #5

The newsy (paperboy) cap is level 32. Is that what you mean?

(Tim) #6

No, I see riders with a modern looking baseball / cycling cap.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #7

There was a blue cap earned from the November Ride with Reason challenge and a black cap earned from the December 20000 Foot Climb challenge.

(Jim) #8

And green was from the 2018 Zwift Academy.

(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #9

Orange one when reaching 25 level

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(Daren) #10

Woohoo! I have one ride to go! :smiley:

(Jim) #11

Coming up on level 50 myself now, and I’d like to see higher levels added as well. No need for digital soft goods. Just the levels.

(Tim) #12

I hope they keep having a new kit every 5 or 10 levels.
Throw in some different colored gloves and a few hats.

Maybe a weight reduction kit for the Tron Bike.

I have a few years to get there.

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