Level 50 - No XP please and show some imagination

I’ve just hit 50 and am pretty underwhelmed by the reward. A jersey I wouldn’t want to be seen dead in.

Just done my first ride since and I’m still getting XP which ofc is useless.

As a minimum I would at least expect that a small reward for being 50 would be a guaranteed ride benefit.

Zwift is basically just WoW for cyclists. In WoW hitting top level is just the precursor to a whole new experience. In Zwift it feels like a dead end.
How about a 50 challenge of some sort? That you can only do at 50 and gives a cool bike as a reward?

At any time this should be something I could expect. But especially now. I came to Zwift from Rouvy because it was more motivating. Rouvy is getting its act together and will shortly have a drafting feature.

I will have no hesitation moving back if Zwift doesn’t pay respect to long term riders like me,

When Zwift added levels 26-50 they allowed people at level 25 to use the XP they had accumulated to level up at a faster pace. I am sure more levels will be coming. I am at level 49 and will be in the same boat soon. Like you I use the levels as motivation and will miss having that visual stimulation. Fingers crossed that more levels will be part of the next major update.


Although you don’t see your level increasing Zwift is still tracking your XP. As Ed said in the last level update we could use our banked XP to level up faster.

what will be a nice incentive is if you are level 50 you don’t get any XP power ups, that will give us a bit of an advantage in races.


Please don’t make excuses for Zwift not doing their job,. It will just encourage them to do nothing.

It is quite unacceptable given their game model that achievements are so crap, Only 3 challenges and nothing after 50.

Again I compare to Rouvy. They give out real prizes to people like direct drive trainers. They also have much more variety in terms of routes. If they get their act together in terms of drafting then I will have no hesitation l in swapping

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