Levels 61-100 and reasonable XP

As I sit at level 57 with enough “banked” and recently earned XP to reach level 60 two times, I’m curious: what is Zwift’s timeframe to release levels 61-100?

After almost 3 years sitting at level 50, it is a delight to see the orange bar move again and hope it continues to do so. I hope that when Zwift releases more levels they will have a cap of 30,000 or 40,000 XP. That would be 1,500 or 2,000 km between levels - a good or excellent month for many Zwifters.

Finally, if the delay for releasing more levels is due to developing “gifts”, please don’t bother. While the fire socks are fun, by the time we reach level 50, we have all the bikes, kits, etc. we could need or want. That said, the Big Wheel bike would be a lot of fun.

Thank you for your kind consideration and Ride On.

And i totally agree with all that!

Will we be stuck another couple years banking XP? I hope not!

Otherwise you can send me a Tron Buffalo bike in my garage…


Keep the levels coming, 61 and beyond.

Cycling caps … award casquettes with distinct colors and patterns to complement more of the bibs & team kits already in the garage.


The true meaning of the additional levels is the sense of achievement it gives to the riders. By level 50, the caps, jerseys, socks and shoes feel to me as largely meaningless. I will look in my garage and go “hmmmm, that’s cute “ but really that is not what makes to want to get to the next level. The old system of having unique bikes and wheels were more meaningful if awards are necessary. Bottom line, give us more levels and put a gold star next to our names on the rider list, I think that’s more meaningful as committed members of the Zwift society.


How about a gold star + level reset?

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I’ll second this

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I think a prestige mode would be cool. Give us special badges each time we reset to level 1.


How about access to new worlds before everybody else or worlds that are only for level 50-60, 60-70 etc.

… you can be the guinea pigs and test everything in advance for the rest of us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Prestige is a brilliant idea. Then you also need to re-do routes and challenges like the Tron bike. Keeps it way more engaging.

I like Carl’s idea. Though the “star” idea is neat, I feel it’s far better to keep it simple. I’m sure there’s lots of people out there who’d agree.

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That would be awesome for people to have to earn their Tron Bike again! :cowboy_hat_face: Also stop them accessing routes like ADZ until they earn it again and take away all the bikes they have purchased.

I’m sure it will increase their enjoyment of Zwift very greatly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and for sure no angry reactions on the forums? :roll_eyes:

I can just see the pitchforks being raised.


No, my question has not been answered. Some great responses from friends, a few pointless responses, but not a single word from a Zwift employee. Disappointing. I posed a simple question politely, yet I don’t rate an answer?

Zwift needs to give more reward for people on the highest level
I mean, i just hit level 60 and its just a new kit that looks like many many others…absolutely no wow factor at all.
How about a gold tron bike for level 70 or a star or a crown or something next to your name
Something that someone can easily see that makes all your years of grind stand out from the crown.
A black and yellow kit for level 60…barely noticable

There’s the question; why do you feel you need to stand out from the crowd? I barely notice other riders when I’m using Zwift. The Tron bike is obvious by its glow but all the kit just blends together. The only one I really notice is the one from the club I’m in.

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Why do verified people need the tick and pro’s have the Pro logo.
I’m just saying, a bit of extra incentive to spend more time on Zwift only benefits everyone no.
White tron bike at level 70 that is super rare to see, makes anyone feel good about the effort they put in to get that…instead we just get yet another kit that nobody noticed…or some sunglasses that you cant even see.
Give us something fruity