Level 50+ update?

Dear Zwift,

When can we expect more levels? 100 will be good except for Tim Searle :joy: he will need 200 level shortly.
The last level update was probably December 3, 2018, if i am not wrong.
Generally i dont care about fashion rewards (some zwifters for sure yes) but it’s nice when the progress bar goes slowly but goes :grin:

Only a small percentage have reached LVL 50 so I would guess it could be a while, but who knows.

I agree if I get ot reach Lvl 50 I wouldn’t want the progress to stop, like you I don’t care about fashion (virtual or otherwise). You would still be able to look at the drips progress,not idea as a very large number changing isn’t as easy as seeing the progress bar move, but I guess that only works if you don’t spend them.

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just FYI you still earning drops when level stop at 50 :slight_smile:

I liked the option that Zwift gave us when they increased from Lvl 25 to Lvl 50, whereby you could level up at a quicker rate due to points already earned or if you wanted level up at normal speed.

Up the XP required so it will take almost forever to reach lvl 100 (i.e last few levels take 1,000,000 XP)

It would be nice to see the Level bar move again. But there is a lot of things that I would rather see.

Zwift still track our XP so I would guess it will be the same as the last time they increased the levels from 25 to 50.


I hope Zwift ignore Ed’s idea of giving us more levels :slightly_smiling_face:

On the other hand, just how long would that take to reach level 100?

haha yes :smiley:

I think will be around 2.000.000 exp to be 100 lvl then if count only exp getting by distance then 100.000 km (if you making workouts can be much less distance)
by now few people will have 100 lvl when update will come but they are crazy cyclist :smiley:

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do you really think it is that small? i’d have thought loads of people would have got there by now

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My guess is that it is a small percentage of total Zwifters. Yes there are a large number of people who are at level 50 (I’m not one of them yet), but the customer base of Zwift is very large. My guess is around 5 to maybe 10% have reached level 50.

Just think of the new Zwifters and the overwhelming task it would be to reach a level as high as say 100, it could be very discouraging.

Adding levels should be a low priority compared to other Feature Request (New UI, Racing, and others).

Now a Prestige system, like COD could be an option and less discouraging to new Zwifters.

Hi Paul,
I would have thought it would be relatively easy to up the Levels, rather than the other issues you mention. Chuck in some more numbers and some more kit.
More socks anyone? :smiley:

Another 25 levels could be a good compromise. :slightly_smiling_face:

Troy it should be really easy to add levels. Leave kits and socks :smiling_imp:
Tbh it should be make by experience curve till unlimited :joy::joy:

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Maybe if the level 50 kit had a number 50 on it more people would wear it and we could notice them.


I think Zwift should make the level no.s just a little more low key (smaller and off to one side etc). The large numbers are a bit in your face for me.

You think the #50 is to big… LOL



There is any 50 on kit? Or i need buy glasses? :sob:


To Gerrie and Mariusz,
and that is why it’s the only Zwift level Jersey I have worn. :smiley: As far as I can remember. :thinking:


If I did not have that Jersey I would not have known that it is a level 50 Jersey #humblebrag


So true, nothing more to add.