Level 20+

(Aaron Church (EMJ)) #1

Looking for an ETA on when the levels will be bumped up beyond 20.  Some of us have been on 20+ for a while now and don’t know where we are level wise, also, we don’t win any new gear, kit, etc.

(Kevin Christopherson) #2

I agree, half the reason I love zwift is getting those XP points. The more the better. Even if they’re TINY bonuses or even color unlocks, we need more more more!! I constantly force myself to go an extra 5 miles even though I’m late for my next chore, just to get the next level up. I’m a newbie but 20 levels seems really small, in many games like Diablo 3 the leveling up never ends. They scale and it takes more XP to rank up but it makes you feel like every minute you play is progress. Zwift needs this badly for 20+.


My $.02 :slight_smile:

(Michael Henasey) #3

I believe I heard that your points are still accumulating even when you are level 20 so once Zwift ups the maximum to level 25, we all should “jump” a few levels immediately and unlock a few new goodies :slight_smile:

I agree it would be nice to have some new goodies but that’s low priority for me. 

For me the biggest thing i’m waiting for Zwift to release is the custom workout builder and the ability to manually override resistance using the Zwift Mobile App.


(Matt Robinson Westbury Wheelers) #4

I wouldn’t mind a ‘store’ to spend over levelled XP rather than fixed upgrades at each level - personalise your bike with trick upgrades to make them less generic.

(Michael Henasey) #5

sounds neat @Matt. but before we get that I want the devs to work on the custom workout builder first :wink:


(Stef Levolger) #6

Not level 20 yet, however the leveling up goes rather quick. Mid January I’ll probably hit level 20. Can’t really be too fussed about direct additional levels yet at that point, there’s other features I’d like to see first.

However, of course wouldn’t mind more levels in the future :).

(Michael Henasey) #7

exactly @Stef!

we need a custom workout builder, more courses, a race mode and event mode, a lounge/cafe, voice chat, and so many other things first :wink:


(Aaron Church (EMJ)) #8

Agreed for the most part Michael, but level 20+ should be a simple button push.  They did it months ago from level 15 to level 20.

(Joe Puetz) #9

Level 25+