Add Levels beyond 25

Add more levels beyond Level 25.

Been suggested more than a few times

I agree. I am at 15 at present but when I do finally get to 25 it would be good to keep going rather than such unlock goals running out

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Yes, I know it’s been an outstanding request. But previous comments regarding this request seem to have been archived and not pulled into this new Forum, so I’m starting up the topic again.

I’ve said something similar recently in another thread, but really as far as Zwift is concerned levels are pretty meaningless.

They serve - as far as I can see - exactly two purposes:

  • occasional rewards in terms of in-game kit. Often these are things that go into your equipment but you’ll never actually use. For example I wear only a few different jerseys – and two of those are team and achievement jerseys, not level unlocks.

  • bragging rights so you can show to other people how many miles you’ve done on Zwift

The latter is wholly useless, and the former is limited in usefulness.

I’d be in favour of ditching “levels” and just having a system of earning points that we can spend specifically on things we want. No more horrible jerseys we’ll never wear. Just use your points accumulated to buy the ones you like.

Then no one has to worry about what the current “level cap” is, or be sad they’ve hit it. They can just continue earning credits to spend in the shop.


I agree that the level jerseys are ugly (sorry Zwift designers) so I don’t wear them.
But levels do represent bragging rights (as do many other things in Zwift), which is why I’d like to see them go beyond 25.

Instead of unique jerseys or other prizes, I think a small patch with the level number on the back of your jersey or shorts would be great. The patch would be present regardless of which kit you’re wearing and the level number would simply increment when needed.


I like watching to see when I will finish a level. Unlocking a prize is irrelevant to me. So more levels (within reason) would be good.

On parallel note I think it is ridiculous that you can only do ceratin routes when you get to a specific level. Alpe De Zwift is one that springs to mind. i think you need to be Level 12 for that. Why - we all pay the same monthly fee

There’s another recent thread on the same topic:

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I think that unlocking parts of maps is a good thing. It is a game after all. Unlocking levels is a good incentive for people to keep playing and play more often. …and build fitness…


Called it! Maybe. :wink:

The Zwift Hype Facebook group has a big hint that something along these lines is coming, in the form of some data-mined text.

“We have converted %s existing experience points to %s dropz. Please visit the new Zwift Shop to purchase items of your choice! Ride On to earn more dropz and unlock more items to purchase!”


“Not enough dropz! Keep riding to earn more”

Very much looks like the lack of levels beyond 25 will be moot soon. All of us might jsut get our XP converted to in-game currency and they’ll ditch the whole concept of levels.

Makes sense I think, because unlike a normal MMORPG, levels don’t actually increase the power or abilities of your character.

Edit: Someone on FB just pointed out that sometimes new roads are locked behind levels - so they might have to remain unless Zwift also ditch that idea as well. I suppose access to roads could be “bought” in the shop too though.

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Unlimited levling please!

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Edit title to “Add levels beyond 50”.


Thank you guys!