Increase levels past 25

I know the Zwift team is working on London, but was wondering if there would be a release in the near future to continue experience level beyond 25.

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There is a post somewhere saying they plan on level increases past 25 by End of Summer. Any updates on this?

With it having been roughly 8 months since the last level increase, I hope to see a new increase to be coming soon as well.

The last time I inquired about this all I received back was that they were working on London.  Any update with this?


Its boring being the top level all the time, even when new ones are released

Any updates on this?  I mean really, what’s the point if I don’t have a new level to look forward to? :slight_smile:  But more importantly, my wife is about to catch up to me level wise!

Instead of additional levels, why not a maintenance component to the upper levels.

To maintain a potential ‘level 26’ one would have to continue to log a certain number of kilometers or meters climbed per rolling time period.

Please more Levels !!!


Or new Challenges…!!!


Cheers ZWIFT

I’m surprised this doesn’t have 5000 upvotes.  

Please more Levels !!!


No more levels for over two years. REFUND!


We were promised levels over 25 years ago. The fun is now going out of Zwift and the new platforms offer us the surprise at achieving new levels. Go on Zwift, levels have up to level 75 and give us long-timers those new lightweight Envie wheels.

Eric Min said past level 25 is happening.  It hasn’t.  It must be putting off a lot of people.  Really, what is stopping?  He said there are enough bikes, jerseys, etc already need to be used.

Maybe a choice to reset back to 0 with a Roman numerals count placed on your Jersey under the pockets…

I don’t want new wheels. tops, frames, gloves or anything come to that. Just the fact that my level increases. It makes me wonder if the Zwift team can count. with that in mind here is the next numbers for you ,26, 27, 28, 29, no charge. I would be happy to help with more of the higher numbers if needed, at a reduced subscription of course. 

This should not have taken 2+ years to address. Period.

This is getting kinda old asking for more levels.  


Over two years old, to be clear!