give us higher rider levels!

I really find it rewarding for the people who ride a lot, to have some extra gear over lvl25.
It´s a goal you can work for if you get a new aero helmet, kit, wheels etc. Every little detail which makes indoor riding a little bit more fun helps!

Its annoying not having more levels because as soon as they bring them out lots of us will just g straight past them as we will already have enough points.

I only spent 1 week moving from level 24-25 when they added levels 21-25 and breezed past all the lower levels as a result so it didn’t feel like I have achieved anything.

New Levels or start again with Level 1 (but 1.2 or so…) and every Level new gear or so (beard, hat, socks, helmet or whatever…)

Based on the fact that there seem to be many bikes that are yet to be unlocked at level 25 in the settings screen, leads me to believe that there is much more to come.

When is this going to be done?  No more worlds until this is done please! 

unfortunately - it seems Zwift isnt going to Change this… LEVEL 25, and done!!!


very poor - Zwift does not listen to their consumers… many Topics, no respond…